Access a dynamic deal fl ow with Spanish companies offering exclusive investment opportunities from fields like IT, eHealth, UAV’s, Energy, eLearing and more.

Our investment optimum point is the seed and Series A Round, focusing on companies that have validated their business model and move towards a big growth.
We make our own investments in selected companies and in addition we work with 3rd party investors that are interested in deal-flow from Spain. Our investors are duly informed of the development of the projects, both in the initial analysis and later when the company is integrated into its investment portfolio.

Benefits of joining BusinessInFact



Get notified of those viable projects whose business model has been validated and need to scale.

Keep track

Keep track of above par Spanish startup companies that are looking for investment capital


Join a team of professionals with proven experience and track record as a point of support in Spain


Assistance in the negotiation with the entrepreneurial team, on the basis of the business experience and Spanish legislation.


Should you consider investing in Spanish startups, please send us a mail to


Professional due diligence carried out by our experts to assess the quality of prospective companies’ business plans and stability of their concepts


Periodical reporting

Full access

Monitoring the accounting of the companies portfolio

Because we think it’s a mistake to invest in projects that haven’t reach their optimal state, we prefer to invest in less transactions than the majority of the investment networks. Invertible quality projects are not so common as it may seem in a superficial vision of the market, consequently we work carefully to select only those that meet our requirements. Unfortunately, we discard most. Surely many of them of great potential, but for us is fundamental work on safe. 
Individual angels typically will invest between €15,000 and €50,000 per transaction, and in most cases up to €200,000 as a group.

The selected companies must be business who have validated their value proposition and can demonstrate it quantitatively (KPis).

They must propose a substantial innovation, whether on the product or on any of the elements of the business model.

They must be scalable in the short term

They must be ran by a highly motivated quality working team

About Us

BusinessInFact is a startup accelerator & business angel in Madrid. We help entrepreneurs on their way to turn a business idea into a profitable scalable company, advising in the various disciplines of entrepreneurship and assigning mentors to promote the implementation process of the business idea. After this process, they offer investors unique investment opportunities in a high-growth start-up ecosystem.

BusinessInFact was formed in 2012 by Jaime Andrés & Iván Bedia, together with a dozen investors, most of them successful entrepreneurs in various fields. Our group has invested to date in over 20 projects in various industry sectors, with a preference for eHealth, aeronautics and eLearning technology driven companies.

BusinessInFact seeks investment opportunities, in seed and early stage start-up companies, that are focused on scalable growth and offer the potential for superior investment returns. Should you consider investing in Spanish startups, please send us a mail to

Cases N`Fact

Neurobia Research
  • Inversión inicial: 70 K €.
  • Vamos a revolucionar el proceso de rehabilitación motora de enfermos que hayan sufrido daños cerebrales.
  • Estamos reinventando la experiencia de compra del calzado exclusivo.
  • Inversión inicial: 150 000 €
  • Salida Prevista de 3 a 5 años
  • Inversión inicial: 200 000€
  • Le ofrecemos a padres y profesores una de las herramientas educativas para niños más efectiva de la última década en España.
  • Salida prevista en 2018 con una valoración estimada de 12 MM €.
  • Estamos reescribiendo los límites del entrenamiento deportivo de competición.
  • Inversión inicial: 107 000€
  • Primera salida prevista para 2018
The Shop Expert
  • Inversión inicial: 60 000€
  • La herramienta para incrementar las ventas de los portales online.
  • Primera salida prevista en 2017
Tu fábrica de eventos
  • El software online para la gestión integral de eventos más ponente y completo del mercado.
  • Inversión inicial: 100 000 €
  • Primera salida prevista en 2017

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